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S.V. Overseas General Trading LLC Group is a reputed leading manufacturer in the field of export and supply of product or services. We manufacture cost-efficient, industry applicable raw materials in the form of metals or metal products. Choose from our exclusive range of superior quality metals and metal products priced at the most competitive and attractive prices.


Metal Products

We are the leading manufacturer of metal products like Forged Products, Metal Bars, Metal Box, Metal Coils, Metal Component, Metal Cover, Metal Foil, Metal Plates, Metal Pressed Component and Metal Rods. We also import and supply Metal Saddles, Metal Scrubber, Metal Sheets, Metal Signs, Metal Wire, Metallurgy Product, Steel Angles, Steel Channels, Tin Box and Tungsten Products.

Metal Alloy

The major metal alloys are Aluminium Alloy, Brazing Alloy, Chrome Alloy, Copper Alloys, Gold Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Non Ferrous Alloys, Silver Alloy, Steel Alloy, Tin Alloys and Tungsten Alloys.

Metal Powder

We manufacture metal powder like Aluminum Powder, Beryllium Powder, Bronze Powder, Cerium Powder, Cobalt Powder, Copper Powder, Gold Powder, iridium powder, Iron Powder etc. The others in this category are Lead Powder, Magnesium Powder, Nickel Powder, Silicon powder, Silver Powder, Tin Powder, Tungsten Metal Powder, Zinc Powder and various others.

Metal Scrap

We supply and manufacture metal scraps like Aluminum Scrap, Brass Scrap, Copper Scrap, Ferrous Metal Scrap, Gold Scrap, HMS Scrap, Iron scrap, Steel Scrap, Iron Dust, Metal Dross etc. The other mentionable ones are Metal Dust, Nickel Scrap, Non Ferrous Metal Scrap, Rail Scrap, Silver Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap, Tin Scrap, Titanium Scrap, Zinc Dust and Zinc Scrap.

Metal Ores

We manufacture and supply metal ores like Aluminum Ore, Chrome Ore, Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Lead Ore, Nickel Ore, Titanium Ore, Zinc Ore and others.

Precious Metals

There are a few commonly used precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper etc.

Metal Machinery

Some of the popular forms of metal machinery are Aluminium Machinery, Expanded Metal Machine, Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Embossing Machine, Metal Forming Machine etc. The various other forms of metal machinery are Metal Marking Machine, Metal Milling Machine, Metal Polishing Machine, Metal Roll Forming Machine, Metal Spinning Machines and Metal Straightener. Metal working Machines, Rotary Transfer Machine, Steel Machinery, Steel Plants are the others in this category.

Metal Ingots

We produce and manufacture metal ingots like Aluminium Ingots, Brass Ingots, Copper Ingots, Forging Ingot, Gold Ingot, Indium Ingots, Iron Ingot, Lead Ingots, Magnesium Ingot and Mild Steel Ingots. We also export and import Nickel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Tin Ingots, Zinc Ingot and others.

At S.V. Overseas General Trading LLC, our prime goal lies in delivering best quality products in the minimum possible time and affordable price. We never compromise when it comes to manufacturing products in keeping with customer needs and requirements.

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